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[UPDATE INFO - 6th June]

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Fb blade buffs


-Palladium added to Auction House
-Boosted Cube of honor - 10x each potion value
-Increased tpoint accumulation   
-Added Magic and Sword amp potions to Special item NPC in DS. Potion uses the 3rd potion slot
-Stronger Senillia bosses               
-Increased WEXP Potion for DP at DP shop 
-100m Alz pot for 100 dp                  
-Added Pet-Rename Cards to DP shop     
-Add Honor and Wexp potion to DP shop
-Increased WEXP reward on nation war
-More scrolls from +7 and go on(cr/mct/ssa/msa)    
-Improved Bikes
-Increase chance of extracting (SSA/MSA, CR, MCR scrolls ) from +7 or higher items. Bosses will drop +7 non crafted items. 
-Roughly increased +14-15 chance of extracting (SSA/MSA, CR, MCR scrolls

-Random alz drop on bosses
-Remove sgh from HH dungeons
-More epaulet drop
-Less +8 accessories from all dungeons
-Added Prideus and Siena drop to Awakened Map part
-Higher rate of Awa. tyrant ring
Title changes

- Lord of Faello fix
- remove 'I' from first titles
- Stormy GOD > God of War
- Easy Money > Easy Money Easy Life
- Shinier Than Anything > Shine bright like a Diamond
- The who can open the best > King of Nevareth
- The Metal Clan Raper > The Metal Clan Reaper
- The Peacemaker of Chaos > The One who can own the Chaos
- Phantasmal origin expert > The Great Illusionist
- Lost world Pioneer > Drunken Sailor
- Nevareth Pioneer > Legacy of Nevareth
- Flash > reduce to 1000-re and change to Thug Life  


-Black Cabal Staff

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