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Frequently Asked Questions

Start leveling at Fort ruina, then Lakeside. Then do BSLV quests.
Exp 250x, Skill exp 150, Craft exp 150, Pet exp 50, War exp 5, Drop 10x, Alz 50, Alzbomb 5x
Buy a Aura Transmutter (1m alz) at any core alchemist then go to your cast's instuctor and make "Inner Discovery" quest.
You get them via BSLV quest. First at BSLV #3.
There are specific areas in Dessert Scream, where you can find the monsters.
Put 1234561 alz to your inventory and relog for Capella, or 1234562 for procyon.
Via Black Transmutter, which can be bought from "N" shop.
It's not done yet.
If you have starter set we suggest to go DX dungeons.
The best option is Chaos Infinity which can be bought at Bloody Ice, Grocer. Entry 10m Alz.
Sell cores to NPC, since they have nice prize. Or farm items.
All dungeons drop 14-17amped items with 1-2 slots. Also possible for weapons.
Since we are using antihack software you are probably banned with a reason, but also contact us for proof.
Make a video of the player where it's name is clearly visable and also the hacking activity.
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